Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Workout Program

Outdoor workouts have to be normally abandoned during the chilly winter months. The treadmill is the only thing that helps you carry on with your exercise schedules. However, sticking to your regimen for long may not be an easy task, given the amount of boredom it generates. So, it is always better to go by a well thought-out treadmill workout program.

The workout schedule should be as varied as possible. Many different programs should be interwoven into one another which will help you stay motivated during the whole course. You will do better to incorporate different programs such as hill climbs, speed intervals and strength moves in your regimen.

Each day of the week should be reserved for a different exercise. This will lend a new dimension to your workout program. Do not skip warm-up. If you start working out without adequate warm up, you may end up with muscle cramps. Also, cooling down and stretching is very important. In case of most of the exercises, cooling down for a period of 3 minutes is usually enough.

For cardio workouts, walk at a pace of 3—4 mile per hour. Gradually increase your pace to such an extent that you breathe harder but you are still able to talk. With the passage of weeks you should go on increasing your workout period. Speed interval is another salient aspect of the treadmill workout program. Carry on repeating it in sets, following each set with a cooling down run. You should keep changing the pace of running. This benefits you in a greater way.

If you are a serious runner, you should also adopt some specific strength moves. These moves include side stepping, lunge stepping, squats and the likes. These are tougher exercises and you should not do any of them more than 30 seconds at a time. Strength moves bolster your inner and outer thighs and also the butt muscles. They are also known to impart a whole new look to your legs.