Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Walking

Treadmills are the answer to fitness questions in the busy lifestyle among Americans. The exercise machine is used for running, walking and jogging. It’s seen that most people prefer walking for cardiovascular fitness.

Advantages of treadmill walking:

1. Walking on a treadmill will burn fat and extra calories.

2. Walking improves blood circulation throughout the body.

3. It improves the condition of the heart and keeps it healthy.

4. Walking on treadmills benefits the lungs and increases the lung capacity. This is the basic for cardiovascular conditioning.

5. Walking helps to sooth the mind and eases sleeping troubles.

6. The body strength and stamina increase.

7. The leg muscles become strong and the natural movement of hips and thighs keeps away the possibilities of arthritis.

8. It provides a solution to the problem of overall fitness.

There are disadvantages of treadmill walking. They are joint pains, monotony and some disorders of spinal nature. But they can be tackled with proper posture and discipline while exercising. You must learn well from a trainer, how to walk or run on the treadmill. Chase the targets of the inbuilt programs to negotiate boredom. Sometimes you can watch TV while working out. It will break the monotony of your walking schedule.