Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Walking Workouts

Following are the special types of walking workouts that have proven to be very  beneficial forms of exercise that will help you to loose weight and become fit.

Academy Award Walk –It is done to learn the classic style of walking as you see in the old movies.

Rock & Walk – It is another type of walking workout that provides you with a cardiovascular workout. In this type of walk, you have to run at a speed of 30 m per second.

Trail Hike –It is a type of walk that prepares you for adventures sports. It helps to workout a variety of muscle groups. The ideal walk in case you wish to train yourself for a hike in the mountains. 

The Retro –This type of walk is for developing coordination, balance, strength and flexibility.  You have to walk backwards with an easy pace on the treadmill. That is why it is called The Retro.

Technique Check: It is done to develop efficient walking. You have to walk with various speeds with mirrors in your front and side. This type of walking is basically to check your posture and make sure that you are not walking in a manner that may be harmful.

Quick Step – You have to work on foot speed in this type of walking .It helps preventing boredom. In this type of workout, you have to walk by taking as many quick steps as possible.

Fartlek – Fartlek is a Swedish term that denotes a type of aerobic conditioning that puts tremendous stress on the body and helps to increase your stamina.

Short Circuit – This type of walking is a mix of aerobic exercise as well as strength training, Walk at a comfortable pace for 5 minutes, then step off and do one minute of exercises such as dips, cycle crunches, push-ups, lunges and side-crunches.