Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Training Programs

As the number of models in treadmill manufacturing is increasing, the need for different treadmill training programs is also increasing. Different programs for different types of personalities. Programs vary for people who just need to shed a few kilos to people who need to tackle issues related to their heart and cholesterol.

Then of course, there are different sets of programs meant for a particular treadmill machine. Even the most basic type of treadmill will have its own set of programs. There is a few things that you need to keep in mind when selecting a program for yourself.

The foremost thing, which you need to check, is that the machine should be pre-installed with the program so that you can at least start your basic regime of fitness. You should have a good treadmill with some basic and reliable  programs installed in it. Just buying a good treadmill would not be of any help if adequate knowledge about the programs were not there. You need to have detailed  knowledge about each of the installed programs.

The treadmill programs are categorized as basic and random treadmill workout programs and advanced treadmill programs.

These programs are further classified as follows:

 Life-fitness classic workouts (Hill, Random and Manual)

 Interactive heart rate workouts (Cardio, Fat-burn, Heart rate hill workout, Heart rate interval workout and Extreme heart rate workout)

 Interval workouts (Speed interval training, Sport training 5K and Sport training 10K)

Goal workouts (Distance goal and Calories goal)

Custom workouts (My workout programs and my own custom workout)

Additional workouts and programs(Quick start, On the fly program, Customized cool down, Sport training workout, EZ inclined workout)

Daily training workouts (30-minute walk, 3-mile jog and 45 minutes cross-train)

Working out based on a treadmill program is an easy way to fitness and health. It gives our body the required coaching, training and endurance workouts. Plan a treadmill program that gives you enough excitement about falling into fitness regime. Do not wait because that excitement and enthusiasm may wear off. There are three steps that one must follow while following a treadmill program. First, Take a notebook, decide and write your goals in it. You will be highly motivated by the time you achieve your goals. Second, start working out and try making notes on every session, like how many miles did you walk that particular day. You should review your workout sessions every week and then you should add something more challenging to achieve for the next week. By following these steps while exercising, workout session would become easier and exciting for you.