Treadmill Basics

A Host Of Exercises To Make Your Treadmill Workouts

Working out on a treadmill is a total fun. It not only offers you jogging and running but a whole host of exercises. Below are some of the workouts that will not consume more than an hour and would rid you of that extra bulge around your waist. Here goes your way to healthy, happy life:

The speed demon

In this exercise you will alternate your running speed. First give yourself a warm up with around 10 minutes of light jogging then set your treadmill at a faster rate of 20 seconds per mile as compared to your latest speed in a 5 kilometer streak. Then run fast for around 3 minutes and then slow down for another 3 minutes. Do it for three to four times. And after you have finished jogging, it is necessary that you take a rest of around 5 minutes.

The progression

Start with some warm up. Next, set the treadmill at 15 seconds faster than your best pace. You need to run continuously for around 5 minutes without stopping. Then do not finish the exercise abruptly. Jog slowly for around 10 minutes to wind up. In the weeks to come by, slowly increase your workout time by 1 minute every week.

The indoor hills or indoor marathon

First of, warm up yourself. Now, raise the elevation of treadmill by 1 degree after 1 minute to 2 degrees, and run for 2 minutes. That is, you need to follow a pattern of 1-2-1-3-1-4-1-5-1-6-1-7, raising the elevation of the treadmill after every 2 minutes until it reaches 7 degree. Don't be bogged down if you cannot reach up to 7 degrees. You need several attempts to do this and lastly finish off your exercise with 5-7 minutes of cool down.

The Broderick Crawford

It is another useful treadmill exercise where you are required to run continuously for 10 minutes and then slow down for 4 minutes. You need to do this three times.

Apart from the above mentioned exercises, there are lots of them that you can try out. Yes, home treadmill is truly an amazing fitness equipment.