Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Calorie Burn Workouts

Treadmill exercises are considered to be great workouts for weight-control, cardio-vascular fitness and overall health and well-being. A treadmill is the best fitness product for people keen on burning calories and losing weight. It also helps in maintaining the desired weight levels.

The benefits of treadmills for shedding those extra pounds can be well gauged from the fact that an hour of treadmill workout burns up to 700 calories. This is higher than the calories burnt by cycling or by any other similar form of exercise.

Several treadmill workouts are popular for assisting in weight loss. Alternating periods of high-intensity with periods of recovery is one of them. It includes working out at levels of high-intensity for about two to three minutes and following it up with recovery periods that are two to three times longer. The user may also experiment with high incline for a few minutes and then decrease the incline to slow down for a leisurely jog or walk.

This workout aids in extensive calorie burning. The alterations between high intensity and recovery may either be done manually or by using pre-set programmes. The user should consider increasing the workout duration by a few times periodically to enhance his/her progress.

Cardio exercises to build stamina and burn calories are also a part of treadmill workouts. They help in burning calories by changes in speed, incline and/or resistance levels. Higher speed and incline levels help in burning more calories.

Fat Burn Workout is another kind of exercise program. Essentially a light workout, it involves increasing the incline for burning more calories.

Interval Training is another treadmill workout. It involves the use of different exercises in a complete workout plan. One part of the workout is treadmill exercise and the other can be workout with dumbbells, skipping or jumping during interval sessions. Alternating treadmill workouts with other types of exercises help in adding variety to the workout plan and aid in beating boredom.

One may also consider simple Treadmill Walking to shed weight and keep in shape.

The calories burnt during such treadmill workout depend on the user’s body metabolism rate, weight, sex, the body composition, the duration of the workout and the intervening sessions.

Treadmills are effective and useful for burning calories and are suitable for almost all fitness needs. To achieve the desired results from treadmill workout, one must stick to the exercise regime, as a part of the everyday routine.