Treadmill Basics

Ideal Treadmill Workout

The basic intention behind availing the services of a treadmill is to burn as many calories as possible. To achieve this desired end of yours, you may either walk or run on the machine. But merely following a certain routine does not ensure that your extra calories are effectively burnt. You have to go by an ideal treadmill workout regimen to get faster results.

As said earlier, a treadmill workout regimen primarily consists of two activities—jogging or running and walking. Running is meant for people who wear their health-consciousness on their sleeves. For the common people walking serves the purpose nicely. You should always remember not to take a hurried approach in anything. It is imperative to start the session with adequate amount of stretching every time. This prevents your limbs from getting hurt.

The walking process should ideally start with a warming-up stint at the machine. Walk for two or three minutes with relaxed strides. This makes you ready for the grueling session ahead. Then for the next fifteen minutes or so walk with an increased speed. Before wrapping up the session, again give your body the chance to cool down by walking for some minutes at a comfortable pace. Stretching is again necessary before completely finishing the schedule. The same rules hold also in case of running. Before starting to run hard you should always warm up. Stretching is of utter importance here also.

You should always remember that regular treadmill workouts can be very boring. So, you often tend to lose your focus. There are many ways to pep up that boring regimen. You can exercise with dumbbells while walking on the treadmill. This will decrease the boredom. Also, you can watch your favorite soap or movie while working out on the machine. Walking on the mill and watching TV simultaneously can be a whole new experience which will help you continue with your walk without getting bored.