Treadmill Basics

Walking Shoes – Good Sole Mates

The shoes we wear have a great impact on our walking and the comfort levels of our feet. It is important that we wear comfortable and suitable walking shoes. Walking is vital for everyone. A housewife, treadmill walker or a morning jogger all have to walk. It is important that we have the right footwear in order to avoid problems and keep one’s feet in good  health.

How to select  a good pair of  walking shoes?

Designers of shoes have found that people have different styles of walking  and various shapes of feet.. Making a pair of shoes which matches each individual’s feet and walking style would be a very specific and precise job.

An Individual is the best judge of one’s own feet.. No one can tell you about your feet, better than you, yourself can.  A careful examination in a mirror of your  foot or a water imprint done by a wet test is the best way to get  an idea about the kind of shoe that would be most suitable.

Let’s look at the desirable features in a good pair of  walking shoes.

To begin with for simple walking one should always shop for shoes which have a supportive sole or a tabled heel. Point pencils are a hazard to any walker and can lead to sore shins.

Heels should be chosen carefully. The heels first touch the ground  and then the pressure shifts to the toe. The shoe has to be flexible at the end of the toes  so that it can absorb the pressure and provide a resting platform to the foot.

A pair of walking shoes should be light and well ventilated. A tight pair of shoes will allow sweat  to gather below one’s feet. Heavy shoes  which cling at your feet are not advisable. Apart from that the shoe should fits properly and there should be enough space to wriggle the toes. The shoe should not pinch or be tight on the bow of the foot which can cause rashes and irritate you while you walk.

Now that we have looked at walking shoes and what to look for in a good pair, I think its time that we go out and buy ourselves one.