Treadmill Basics

Treadmill motor

You might ask yourself how important a function a motor plays in a treadmill. Since it seems to be a small and inconsequential part, you may wonder why it is so important. Let us remove the confusion in your mind.

Before creating any further confusion in your mind let me elaborate. There is a simple reason for the motor being so vital a part of your treadmill. Without a motor your treadmill is not a treadmill. It cannot function like a treadmill. It will be more like a body without a soul. It is not exaggeration to say that the motor is the heart and soul of your treadmill. The treadmill is more or less dead without a working motor.

What if you do not have much knowledge about this essential part of treadmill? If that is the case, then read up on the technical literature on treadmills. It sill give you a good idea of how treadmills work. You will then be able to appreciate the role played by the motor. The internet is also a great place where you can get facts about the motor.

Since motor is the most important feature of the treadmill, therefore one should be more cautious about the motor while selecting your favorite model because some companies advertise that they are providing a 2.0 hp with a treadmill priced at $ 1500. This is unbelievable or almost impossible.

It is very important to buy a motor of a good brand. You might have to pay a little more, but then it is an investment. Look at the warranty provided by the manufacturer. A reliable manufacturer will provide you an extended ten to fifteen year warranty. This indicates the confidence that the manufacturer has in the brand. Remember that getting a motor repaired is a very bothersome and expensive affair. Play smart and buy one that will last.