Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Mat: A Treadmill Accessory Friendly For Your Floor

Treadmills are becoming an important possession of any health conscious family. Treadmills generally come with many accessories. But, as treadmill mat is a must have for almost every treadmill owner. A treadmill mat has two major advantages. It aids the machine stability and ensures your treadmill does not create any ugly marks on your floor due to its extreme weight.

Treadmill mat acts as a balancing surface for your treadmill while you are exercising on it. Treadmill might not be having a perfect balance in some cases. The treadmill mat will act as filler, which will fill the extra space created between your treadmill, and the floor due to differing sizes of treadmill foots. An imbalanced treadmill, in the absence of a treadmill mat, will lead to accidents because the treadmill might shake when you are doing intensive training, like running or high elevation jogging. This shake, coupled with the vibration of treadmill motor, will create many chances of treadmill losing its balance, and in some cases, the absence of treadmill mat may even lead to the treadmill overturning.

Another major factor that makes a treadmill mat necessary for every person owning a treadmill is that the treadmill mat will prevent any ugly marks that come to the floor when something heavy is kept for a long period of time. Since treadmills typically weigh anything above 200lbs, they are prone to leave scratches and marks on the floor over time. When kept on a treadmill mat, the treadmill stand will not come in direct contact with the floor. Instead, the treadmill mat will act as a cushion between the treadmill and your floor.

So, whenever you want to change the furnishing of your home, or just want to move your treadmill to somewhere more convenient, your floor will not tell to everyone that there was a treadmill or some such heavy thing placed here sometime, especially if you do not want a visitor to know that you have a treadmill or had been using one.

Treadmills generally come with their own mats. These mats may be made of cheap quality material.  It’s better you buy a good quality treadmill mat separately from a fitness equipment vendor. Generally, treadmill mats come in different colors. Black, however, is the most common as it goes well with any color treadmill. If you are lucky, you may get a treadmill mat that matches the color of your upholstery. 

One final thing to be considered is that treadmill mats are generally made of rubber. This means that they have a fixed life and need to be replaced after some time. It’s better to replace your treadmill mat once every year so that the rubber does not degrade.