Treadmill Basics

Treadmill Accessories: Pick Up A Perfect Treadmill Mat

Do you fall in the category of those people who are very much health conscious? Do you practice almost all the exercising plans to keep yourself healthy and fit? And for that matter...are you a proud owner of a treadmill or are planning to buy one very soon?

Well, owning a treadmill is not enough. With it you also require a good treadmill mat.

You must be wondering now what is the significance of a treadmill mat. Why does it holds so much importance? A treadmill mat is used under the base of your treadmill that protects the ground from its heavy impact which makes it an essential accessory.

You should understand one thing. While you are burning your extra fat by rigorous running on this machine, something bad might be happening to your expensive tiles and marbles underneath. Your floor is not only taking the heavy pounding that the treadmill is giving it, but it is also suffering from the grease, oil and other grime products your treadmill machine is spitting out.

A treadmill mat covers the whole area of the ground below your machine. Apart from this, it also absorbs the vibrations produced while you are running. Besides this, it also helps your treadmill to stay intact for much longer period, as all the vibrations would be absorbed. These vibrations not only damage the floor but also reverberate within the treadmill, thereby harming the important parts of your machine. Thus your machine wears down soon in absence of a mat.

The treadmill mat also prevents the carpet fibers to get stuck into the parts of your treadmill. So if you were planning to use your home carpet underneath your treadmill and thinking that this has solved your purpose, then you were wrong. A regular carpet would do no good to your carpet but harm it instead.

Treadmill mats are available in various shapes and sizes. The most important factor that determines the quality of a treadmill mat is its thickness and the material used in its making. The more thicker and larger the mat is, the better is its quality. The standard size of a treadmill mat is 6.5 feet x 3 feet. But larger treadmill machines demand larger mats. The usual thickness of a treadmill mat is 1/4 inch. But if you plan to put your machine to a heavy usage then you will be needing a thicker mat. You may also find mats that are 3/8 inch thick.