Treadmill Basics

Running Workouts for Treadmills

Treadmill is counted as the best exercise equipment for maintaining a regular homely exercises regimen all over the world. A treadmill comes with devices with which one can maneuver the incline, resistance and speed of the machine. This helps in giving the kind of workout one wants. Running workouts for treadmills are programs followed to break the monotony of simple running on the machine at one place in an indoors environment. Besides that the programs has other benefits. You can get the workout programs from professionals in the gyms or other places or look out in the health magazines or online. They are aimed at making running as a complete workout and at the same time concentrate on the individual goals and maintain the interest of a fitness regimen.

One such running workout has been instructed below.
1st and 2nd day – Warm-up and mild running for 30 minutes.
3rd day – Rest or brisk walking for 15 minutes.
4th day – Heavy running with speed inclinations up to 7 to 8 miles per hour.
5th day – Simple running for 15 minutes.
6th day – Race yourself and see how far you can run in a minute. Try this for 20 minutes with breaks and rest.
Rest day.
The biggest advantage of a treadmill workout is that it helps to maintain an exercise schedule and keeps up the motivation of an exerciser.