Treadmill Basics

Nike Running

A Treadmill run is neither a simple thing nor is it child's play. You are not running in an open and natural environment. You are running on the deck of a machine that is being rolled mechanically by a motor. While running on the deck you are maintaining a certain pace. This is anĀ  artificial form of exercise and while carrying out such an exercise you need to be careful and cautious.

A number of people have paid a heavy price in terms of joint pains and swollen ankles caused on account of running on treadmills. This is because of careless running. You need to make sure that you are comfortable when you run on a treadmill.

Out of sheer enthusiasm you may overdo things on the very first day of your run. The experts advise against doing so. You might suffer from sprains and spasms leading to severe pain in the joints. Take up things slowly and gradually.

You also need to be very careful about the footwear that you use. It is recommended that you wear the right pair of shoes while running on a treadmill. It is your feet that are carrying the weight of your upper torso. Shoes which are specifically meant for running purposes are absolutely essential for the health of your feet and legs.

If you have already invested in a treadmill, just spend some more money on a good pair of running shoes. One of the best pair of running shoes is by Nike. This is the brand which has been manufactured for teams for all kinds of sports, throughout the world.

The Nike running shoes are different from the ordinary casual wear that the company makes. The running shoes are specifically designed for running purposes. They just might be a bit expensive. If you consider the health and safety of your feet, it is a small expense to pay.