Treadmill Basics

Motorized Or Manual, Which Treadmill Is Best For You

Before one goes to get a treadmill for oneself, the first question he needs to answer is whether he or she should go for a motorized treadmill or a manual one. Surely, the motorized variety is of the more expensive kind, but if funds are not an issue the choice is not all that difficult. However, you must understand the difference between the two kinds of treadmills before you purchase any.

The fundamental difference, of course, is that a manual treadmill requires of you to run and have the belt roll with the momentum of your body. It is nearly the same as running on any surface. The way you push the ground away to move and run, the same way you have to exert the pressure on the belt of the machine to have it rolling. So, it is much like running except that you do not move from one place to another in the process.

In case of the motorized version of the machine the belt is moved by the motor and you have to keep running on the belt keeping pace with the moving belt. In motorized treadmill you do not have to push the belt away to make it move.

There are many who feel that since one needs to apply force on the belt of a manual treadmill, it burns more calories than a motorized one. This is, as a matter of fact, is not true. This is because one who applies the force to roll the belt tends to get tired much earlier, which translates into lesser workout time. This means that the total amount of calories burnt depends upon how good a physical shape you are in. In other words, if you are stronger you’ll burn more calories because you’ll be able to keep the treadmill running for a longer duration. In addition to that, a manual machine may also put undue pressure on your knees as you apply force to the belt.

In case of a motorized treadmill, the belt is moved by a motor and you can simply keep running on it for a much longer duration because you do not spend your energies on making the belt roll. And, of course, your joints are not strained.

Therefore, a motorized treadmill is preferable to a manual one for obvious reasons, unless of course your budget is the deciding factor in your treadmill purchase. Even if you have budget constraints, it is advisable that you wave for a little while and get a motorized treadmill instead of settling for a manual one.