Treadmill Basics

Looking after Treadmill Belts

Exercise is one of the things that are necessary if you wish to  keep fit and look great. It keeps the body in good shape and helps overcome health problems such as heart disease, cholesterol, stress, blood pressure and obesity.
Yoga, aerobics, crunches, sit-ups, jogging, and running are some of the popular exercises.
However, for most people, walking, running and jogging are the best ways to exercise and keep fit. This explains the huge popularity and fan following of treadmills as fitness equipment all over the world.

The treadmill is a very popular choice of fitness equipment in gymnasiums, health clubs and even homes. This fitness device can be used for walking, running or jogging in place.

The quality of the treadmill and its performance depends on the quality of its components such as the motor and tread belt. The belt is an important part of the treadmill. A good belt for treadmill must be sturdy and durable. It should be easy to maintain and not very expensive to replace.

While buying a treadmill, the prospective buyer must check the length and breadth of the belt. For a tall or overweight person the belt can be made as per specifications. The belt for treadmill should also be comfortable. One should try out a treadmill before actually buying one.

The belt for treadmill comes in various varieties. These include running belts for manual and powered treadmills and evasion belts. Motorized treadmill belts are made from double PVC rubber and cloth. This helps in maintaining good friction and keeping the noise levels under control.

Evasion belts are for training purposes. They help to develop speed, balance, dexterity and synchronization between two teammates. These are two adaptable nylon belts, one for each teammate, connected with Velcro straps. The straps help to reduce distance and encourage the teammates to move quickly, in order to keep pace with each other.

Besides, these walking belts, orthopedic belt and replacement drive belt for treadmill are also available.

The condition of the belt is crucial to keep the treadmill in good condition. Worn out and thin belts can damage the treadmill to a great extent. Many treadmill manufacturers provide warranty for the belt. If the belt is damaged during the warranty period, the customer is entitled to receive a free replacement belt.

Belt cleaner and belt lubricant are some available accessories, which help to keep the belt in good condition. Cleaner helps to clean the belt and keep it free from dust. The lubricant helps to reduce friction and wear and tear. It helps to improve the life of the belt.

While using a lubricant, one must be cautious, because excessive lubrication can damage the motor of the treadmill. These accessories should be used and maintained in strict compliance with the instructions of the treadmill provider.

The belt, a vital part of a treadmill, requires regular maintenance and up-keep. Regular cleaning and lubricating of the treadmill belts helps to keep them in excellent condition. This is important as healthy treadmill increase the life of treadmill and improves performance.