Treadmill Basics

Best walking shoes

A good and dependable pair of walking shoes cost anywhere between 1000 to 2000 rupees and if you plan on buying one, then try to make a sensible and  informed choice. A dependable pair of  shoes is the feet’s best friends.  The have to fit well and have  to be compatible with the features of your feet.

If you are a habitual walker then you avoid sophisticated running shoes which are very much trendy and in fashion. No need to buy shoes meant for football or any type of athletic activity.  It is necessary for you to know the features of shoes and their uses before you buy a pair of  walking shoes for yourself.

To begin with, a pair of walking shoes should not be very heavy. . A shoe should a have lot of stability and should be well cushioned especially on the fore foot. It has to be flexible and springy so that it can absorb the pressure of the feet. . A walker who briskly walks more than 30 miles per week  need a lot of cushioning  in their shoes so that they do not land up with sore feet.  The sole of the shoe must be light and firm and should also have a removable insole material. Good arch support will work wonders. One should always go for shoes with laces so that the feet can breathe when in motion. The material used should be  porous and allow the feet to breathe.  Always use a good foot deodorant to prevent excessive sweating while you walk.

If you are walking on uneven or hilly terrain, then a pair of hiking boots is your best bet. This will ensure your feet are well protected and you get a good hold when trying to walk up or down tricky mountain slopes. There are many such brands and choices in good hiking shoes that no one will be deprived of choices.

Remember the old song ?  These boots were made for walking…. If not boots, then do do your feet a favor and get a pair of good shoes which are meant for walking and will last you well.