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York Pacer 3100 Treadmill- A Review

Looking for a treadmill machine that comes for less-than $1000 and yet allows you to do all types of cardio exercises? If yes then go for York Pace 3100 Treadmill. It is light, compact and powerful enough to allow you to do gentle exercises. Here are some more details about it.

Motor: The York Pacer 3100 comes with .75 HP AC motor. The motor is powerful enough to propel you to speed up to 6 mph (9 kph). This is good enough for those who do not like heavy duty exercise regimes.

Chassis: The chassis is an all metal, powder coated chassis. The best part is that it can be easily folded and stored away. Hence, it is best for those places where space is a constraint. However, you need to fold it manually as there is no automatic option. But given its less than $1000 price tag, it seems that you shouldn't complain about that.

Incline: The York Pacer 3100 allows you to adjust its running deck in 4 different inclined positions. You can choose any out of these 4 to increase the level of resistance of your workout schedule.

Running Platform Size: The York Pacer 3100 comes with a running platform or deck measuring 39 x 120cm. The running deck is made up of non-slipping running mat. The best part about this running deck is that it comes equipped with a running mat centralizing system. Hence, you do not need to worry about the mat moving away from beneath you.

Control Panel: The control panel gives you all the vital information which you would ever need. This includes speed, time, distance, pulse, calories, and scan. Further, if you are willing to spend some more dollars then you can upgrade the pulse feature with a telemetry feature. You would get a simple to plug chest heart rate monitor. This would provide you with a more accurate real time data.

Maximum User Weight: The maximum user weight which York Pacer 3100 can support is 100 kg. Hence, it is not meant for people who are bulky in size.

Additional Features: The York Pacer 3100 treadmill comes with a drinking bottle holder along the sides of the display panel. You can store your water bottle or energy drink bottle inside it. It is conveniently located and can be grabbed easily without breaking the rhythm of your workout regime.

Warranty: The motor comes with a 5 year warranty.

Conclusion: The York Pacer 3100 is best for those enthusiasts who are looking for some way to exercise. That said, people serious about their workout can opt for some other treadmill that gives them more power and workout program options.