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Why Buy The Nordic Track T9 CI Treadmill?

A look at the Nordic Track T9 CI treadmill and it may just look like any other machine in the category. However, this treadmill is better than its counterparts for a host of reasons. Here is taking a look at some of these reasons that will compel you to the buy it instantly.

It has a powerful motor
Amidst various other features that make any treadmill a must buy, the motor is the most important one. The Nordic Track T9 CI scores well in this criterion. Equipped with a DurX 2.5 HP Motor, it can offer you a powerful workout. This commercial motor is designed with an internal fan that cools off the components. So, you can exercise for longer durations without worrying about the machine heating up.

It can help you lose weight
For those who want to lose weight, the Nordic Track T9 CI Treadmill is a great choice. It comes with 8 pre set weight loss workouts that allow you to burn more fat and lose weight.

It allows you to create your own workout
If you want to design your own workout, the Nordic Track T9 CI Treadmill helps you with that too. It comes with a 'Create and save' feature that allows you to create your own workout. So, you have your own personalized workout saved on the machine.

It features the latest iFIT workout technology

The iFIT workout technology offers you the assistance of a personalized treadmill as you exercise on the machine. Just plug the iFIT card into the machine, and the voice of personal trainer will guide you through each workout. This makes your exercise a lot simpler.

It helps you track your progress

When you are on the treadmill, you may want to know how good you are going. The Nordic Track T9 CI treadmill helps you with this. It monitors your speed and incline along with your personal information to determine your workout intensity. It displays the results in an easy to understand manner so you know how good or bad you are at it.

It comes with the finest LCD technology
This treadmill features the state of the art LCD technology. This LCD can display all the information that you need. It can even display the information visually so that you know your workout progress. And, what's more? It could also show you racing against a virtual competitor.

Other noteworthy features

* It features Durastride cushioning that helps you workout without impacting your joints.
* It is equipped with Club-Design CardioGrip heart rate monitor that monitors your heart rate as you exercise.
* It has a sturdy and durable deck.
* It has a 1 touch control so you can easily alter the options at the touch of a button.
* It allows you to plug in your iPod so that you can listen to music as you exercise.

Opt for the Nordic Track T9 CI and you will love working out on your treadmill.