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Weslo Cadence C72- A Review

If your budget is less than $500 and you still plan to buy a treadmill then the Weslo Cadence C72 is a good option that you can choose. It costs only $350 but still allows you the benefit of a portable running platform which can help you burn those extra calories off your body.

Motor: The Weslo Cadence C72 boasts of a 2.5 THP peak duty motor. The motor is capable of taking you to speeds up to 10 mph. This is no joke for a treadmill as cheap as the Weslo Cadence C72. It is suitable for both light jogging as well as intense running. The motor is also powerful enough to take you up an incline of 10 degree.

Chassis: The chassis of the C72 is strong as well as sturdy. The best part is that it can be manually folded and stashed away if there is lack of space in the house. This makes it perfect for small apartments. The treadmill weighs 169 lbs and can support weights up to 250 lbs.

Running Deck: For a treadmill that comes this cheap, the running deck is a luxury. The deck supports a running belt measuring 18"X50". Though this is small in size, it does provide you with a running platform. And hey, once you lose all that weight off your body you would easily snuggle on to the running surface.

To relieve some nerves, the deck does come with an Impact Absorption System which can take care of those hard landings. Those who have used it found the cushioning to be quite reliable. However, this does not mean that you can do heavy running on this deck.

Display Panel: The display panel is an LCD panel and provides the usual information which joggers might need during the course of their workout (speed, distance, time and calories). As far as preset programs are concerned, it comes with 4 preset programs. These are meant for weight loss, endurance running, cross training and toning.

Also provided in the Weslo Cadence C72 is a Heart Grip monitor which is conveniently mounted on the handrails.

Warranty: The Weslo Cadence C72 comes with a 90 days part and labor warranty. This is good enough for a treadmill this cheap.

Cost: Cost is where the Weslo Cadence C72 beats all other treadmills hands down. It costs only $350. For those who don't have a detailed budget and are looking for something real cheap and new, this should be their choice.

People who wish to save money rather than splurge on treadmills with fancy gizmos can think of buying a Weslo Cadence C72. However, for those who are looking for endurance and strength training, this is not the treadmill to forward to.