Treadmill Reviews

Weslo Cadence C32 Treadmill

The Weslo Cadence C32 Treadmill comes from the house of Icon Health and Fitness Inc. This fitness manufacturing company has revolutionized the way people exercise.

The company’s line of treadmills have innovative features that have made exercising easy innovative In fact, it has made exercising so easy that people now can exercise while watching TV or reading a book and even in their  dining room.

Let us now throw light on some of the basic features of the Weslo Cadence C32 treadmill

 Price- The first most important thing that buyers consider when buying a treadmill is the price. At $299, this treadmill will definitely suit anyone’s budget. In case you or on a tight budget but at the same time wish to get the benefits of a quality workout, go for this treadmill.

Speed Control- In this machine the speed range is amazing; 0-8 miles per hour and thus it allows you to enjoy the experience of a relaxed walk as well as sprint.

Display Monitors- the treadmill has an excellent visual display that helps you to monitor the heart and pulse rate as well as speed, time and distance .Thus this machine ensures that the quality of your workout improves constantly.

Motor- It has a powerful 2.0 hp motor that ensures that you can  elevate your speed with ease.

Comfort Cell Cushioning- Walking or running on a treadmill without a cushioning system may lead to serious injuries to the knees or ankles. This treadmill is equipped with a comfort cell cushioning system that ensures that any stress to your feet and ankles is absorbed.

Inclination -To add  variety to your workout this machine has a variable incline feature. The incline can be adjusted to 3, 5, 7 and 9%.
Tread belt- The belt in this model of the treadmill has a length of 45 inches and breadth of 15 inches.

Space- The treadmill is equipped with space saver technology that allows you to store your treadmill in any part of your house.