Treadmill Reviews

Weslo Cadence 930 Treadmill

Weslo Cadence treadmills are a product of Icon Health and Fitness Inc. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of fitness equipments in the US. Weslo Cadence 930 treadmill is an excellent low cost exercise equipment and is especially designed for beginners and inexperienced users.

The basic features of this model are-

A motor having a horsepower of 2.0

Comfort cell cushioning to prevent any kind of injury to the knees, joints and legs

Speeds up to 10 miles per hour

Visual monitors, displaying the pulse rate as well as calories and fats burnouts

The treadmill can be elevated up to three positions and thus adds variety to your workouts.

The treadmill is designed using a patented space saver technology. It can be stored easily anywhere in  your house.

It is available at a very low price

This machine is useful for people who want to increase their cardiovascular and overall body health. The Comfort cell cushioning ensures that excess stress on the knees, feet and ankles is absorbed.

The most amazing thing about the Weslo Cadence 930 treadmill is its price. It  provides all features that are necessary in a treadmill at a very low price.

This treadmill is also preferred by many older people who are suffering from heart diseases. It is a great machine that helps in building your heart muscles.

The treadmill can be started only by using a key. Be careful you do not loose the key or you will have to get a replacement. The responsiveness and performance of the machine is amazing, considering it has a motor of only 2 hp.

In spite of certain shortcomings, it is a great machine that can help you to  get rid of extra fat and burn calories in the comfort of your own home.

Choose the Weslo Cadence 930 treadmill and have a healthy and happy life.