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Weslo Cadence 715 Treadmill- A Review

The Weslo Cadence 715 Treadmill at one time was amongst the better-known treadmills. It had a very successful innings in the market. It is now an obsolete brand and has been replaced by other brands by the Manufacturer, Icon Health & Fitness Inc. There are a number of new brands in the market.

This model was a very good model and boasted of a very good performance. Perhaps the reason that we do not hear a lot about this particular model is that there were no efforts on the part of the manufacturer to upgrade this model and include features such as inbuilt programs and other modern features and gadgets.

That is why there are very few stores that keep this treadmill. You could probably get hold of a used or refurbished piece. What you would be getting is a good treadmill that lacks the bells and whistles that you notice in contemporary models.

Let us review a few of the features of this treadmill

The Motor
The treadmill is powered by a 2.5 hp motor that is very sturdy and reliable in construction. The motor provides you maximum speed of around 8 mph.

Tread Belt
The treadmill has a tread dimension of 50” x 19”. The tread belt is wide enough to allow a comfortable workout. The user does not have to worry about remaining in the center of the treadmill, as is the case with many of the new treadmills that we see today.

Cushioning System
The treadmill has a cushioning system to prevent any kind of injury to the joints or muscles of the ankles, knees, feet or calves.

The warrant on the treadmill when it was being sold was pretty good. That is not surprising, considering the quality of the treadmill.

The treadmill had an incline that could be adjusted from 7 to 9%.

It was in all respects a machine that represented value for money.