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The Schwinn 6110p Treadmill Reviewed

The Schwinn brand of treadmills is a familiar name in treadmill world. It is manufactured by the company Nautilus Inc, one of  the fastest growing companies in the treadmill industry.

If you want to burn those extra calories then the Schwinn 6110p treadmill is an excellent choice that can help you to achieve your fitness goals.

What are the features of the Schwinn 6110p treadmill?

The Schwinn 6110p treadmill is model with advanced features at a relatively inexpensive price of just $1099.00.  It is a simple and a high quality machine, which is easy to use. Some important features of Schwinn 6110p are listed below:

* It has a 2.0 hp heavy duty motor that is capable of continuous duty performance.
* The Schwinn 6110p has the capacity to carry a user of up to 350 lbs
* The Schwinn 6110p has a LCD display that shows speed, gradient, calories burned and time you have been using the treadmill.
* Electronic gradient adjustable from 0 to 12% and an adjustable speed from 0.5 to 10 mph
* Schwinn 6110p has a wide belt of 18”x52” that provides you more freedom on the track.
* Schwinn 6110p has overall dimensions of 68”L 30” W x 49” H.

From where do you buy a Schwinn 6110p?

The Schwinn 6110p treadmill and other treadmills in this range can be purchased directly from the corporate website. This is indeed one of the most convenient of ways of buying Schwinn treadmills.

Besides, buying directly from Nautilus, these treadmills can also be bought from a number of authorized retail stores such as Sears and Costco.

However, be aware of counterfeit Schwinn treadmills as there a number of unscrupulous people who are selling treadmills with the Schwinn label.

Make sure that what you are buying is a genuine Schwinn Treadmill.