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Star Trac TR901 Treadmill- Luxury At A Price

Star Trac is a company which is known to make commercial class treadmills for gymnasiums etc. When the company announced that it was working on a residential model, both eyebrows and expectations were raised. The result of the program is Star Trac TR901 Treadmill. The company has always focused on making distinct machines, instead of flooding the market with variants of a base model. So, this model stands apart from other products of the company.

On the Inside
Star Trac has brought commercial grade technology into a consumer product. The machine comes equipped with a 2.0 HP motor which can generate as much as 10 mph speed. Now this is a place to pause and take note. In most consumer treadmills, you get 2.0 HP motors which generate at the most 8 mph speed. This one can go up to 10 mph which brings a speed boost of as much as 25%- definitely a thumbs up.

Another thing that you should notice is that normal consumer grade treadmills come with 6 or 7 program modes. This one here comes with more than 250 program modes. That is what is called exponential growth! Other features include the ability to take 300 lbs weight, standard 2" rollers and the like.

On the Outside
This is where the fun starts. You get a treadmill that has a huge and comfortable running area of 19" x 53" and many consumer models would do well to have these dimensions. The machine has a maximum of 12 % incline whereas most models have around 7-8 % incline. You also get the special to Start Trac, Impact Absorption System which makes the workout simple and smooth. All this is mounted on a reversible deck. The result is that your running belt lasts much longer.

Now, another important thing is that this machine comes with a 1" thick deck which is rather cushy. You will have a unique running experience. When you use this machine, you would really like the 5K and 10K races and overall, this machine is really a head turner.

Warranty Guarantee and the like
Since this is a great machine, Start Trac has also included a great warranty provision. There is three years warranty on parts and labor which again is a high point.

Is it for you?
Now this is the question to be asked. The machine is going to cost you over $3000. True, this one here is a piece of luxury, but no one ever said that luxury comes at cheap prices. No, the machine is not cheap at all. At the same time, you would not be correct if you say that the machine is overpriced. Star Trac TR901 Treadmill can be qualified as a bit lousy when it comes to value for money but look at the features you are getting!