Treadmill Reviews

Choose Star Trac Pro S Treadmill For Style And Performance

When it comes to choosing a treadmill, you have more options than you can imagine. While some of these treadmills score on style, there are others that offer a great performance. But, if you are looking for a treadmill that not just offers superior performance but scores on the style quotient as well, the Star Trac Pro S Treadmill is the way to go.

Excellent looks
A look at this treadmill and you are sure to be in awe, courtesy- its splendid looks. It is a commercial grade treadmill that has been designed while giving attention to details. The machine has been designed by BMW and offers the most exquisite looks. It is the high style quotient of this machine that makes it apt for high profile health clubs.

The machine features curved arm supports and a rounded console which makes it one of the best looking machines in the business. It features the newly developed 'Aero Bar'. The Areo Bar is a handle like structure that is attached to the rounded cusp of the console. This added feature adds oodles of style to the machine and also makes it easier for one to climb on it.

Though the Star Trac Pro S Treadmill comes with the usual dot display, the efficient layout of the buttons makes the console look superbly stylish. It also features the 'InteeliTrac', which shows animated exercise display and makes the workout more interesting.

Superior performance
The Star Trac Pro S Treadmill scores not just on looks but on the performance quotient as well. In terms of performance, it is at par with any other Star Trac treadmill. It offers the same stability and durability and provides an excellent workout to the user.

This machine features 4 easy to follow pre-programmed workouts, each of which varies from the other in terms of the level of difficulty. You can easily opt for one of these workouts according to your individual needs and performances.

One of the key features of this machine is the 'Dynamic Heart Rate Control'. This feature helps you get a complete feedback on your workout. It lets you know the speed, time elapsed, calories burnt and the distance. This information will help you know whether or not you need to make any alterations to your existing workout.

To add to it, the machine features a dedicated 'Heart Rate Window'. This feature offers visual confirmation of the pulse. So, the user can actually get to know how well he/she is progressing through the workout without having to juggle with the figures.

The Star Trac Pro S is an excellent combination of style and performance. So, go ahead and opt for this perfect machine right away.