Treadmill Reviews

Spirit Z500 Treadmill- Best Value for Money

The market for fitness equipment is choc-a-bloc with folding type treadmills and in such a condition, if a folding treadmill has to be successful, it has to offer something extra. This is where Spirit Z500 treadmill truly excels. It brings to you many such features which in this price bracket you would just not find. Here is a look.

Powering the machine
Spirit Z500 is a powerful device. It is equipped with a 3.0 HP motor, an industrial strength, heavy duty motor. This being a consumer grade treadmill, a 3 HP industrial grade motor speaks that the treadmill maker is really serious about making a good product. The treadmill can go up to 12 mph of speed and it can take up to 15 degrees of grade incline. This is easily one of the most powerful treadmills in the market.

Customizing Performance
Spirit Z500 has all the customization that you may need. It has a total of 10 program modes. Add to this the 2 user addressable program modes. These 2 modes allow you to create your own exercise programs depending upon your need. Spirit has also thrown in two heart rate related pre-programmed modes in the device.

User Interface
One look at the control panel and you will say, "Wow, this looks fun." The machine has a six window display so you get most of the information you would need without even having to press the button. The machine also has two fans on the control panel as well as speakers. Spirit has also put in 12 Quickspeed buttons which allow one touch change in exercise settings.

Body and Build Quality
The look and build quality of Spirit Z500 is very good. It has this great space age looks with ergonomically designed handles and a well laid out color combination and control panel. The buttons on the panel are well laid out and are easily accessible. The machine has a 20" X 58" running space and its treadbelt is mounted on 2.75 inch rollers. The rated capacity of this machine is up to 375 pounds. This makes Spirit treadmill one of the most capable machines in market.

It seems that Spirit is really sure about the capability of this machine. This is the reason the frame of Spirit Z500 carries a lifetime warranty. The 3 HP motor comes with a 30 year warranty which also speaks of its capability.All other parts carry 5 year warranty and the machine also comes with an year long labor warranty.

All in all, Spirit Z500 is designed to be a work horse. It can be purchased for just about $1500 and this is easily the best value for money that you are going to get.