Treadmill Reviews

Some Elite Models from Horizon Fitness Treadmills

The horizon fitness treadmills are the best source of aerobic exercise and the most effective way to keep you fit. Horizon fitness not only offers you treadmills but also elliptical trainers and cycles. But, the treadmills are the best way to achieve fitness goals.

Horizon has another major advantage to its credit. It does not leave you after the sale. In case you have a problem with your Horizon treadmill then just call their customer care service or tech support department on their toll free number and they would provide you all possible support and after sale services.

Let6's have a look at some of the most elite models of this privileged company with their respective prices.

Horizon Fitness T 20 Treadmill- the fitness T 20 from Horizon is a trustworthy and durable product which is easy to use. This machine is available in the market at $ 1399.00.

Horizon Fitness T 30 Treadmill- the Horizon Fitness T 30 has a continuous duty motor that has been designed to accomplish your fitness dreams and it is available in the market in the price range of $889 to $1699.

Horizon T 74 Treadmill- this treadmill is meant for fitness freaks in particular. It comes accompanied with great warranty, discount and free home delivery. It is offered at $ 1299.99, exclusive of the sales tax.
Horizon fitness T 71 treadmill- fitness T 71 treadmill is perhaps the cheapest model offered by horizon fitness treadmill. It is available in the market at $609 with free home delivery and some great discounts.