Treadmill Reviews

Sole TT8 Treadmill- Quality At An Affordable Price

Sole is famous for making some of the best priced commercial grade treadmills. With the Sole TT8, the company has attempted to further strengthen its position in the market. The TT8 has all the specs that you would want in a commercial grade treadmill and then some. Here is a look at how well the TT8 can live up to your expectations.

Power and Capability
The power of a treadmill can be defined primarily by its motor and this is where Sole TT8 truly excels. The machine comes with a 3.5 HP continuous duty motor that has the capability to generate ultra high torque.It has speed ranges from 0.5 mph to 12 mph.  The incline rating of the machine is 0 to 15% and is easily adjustable. The machine has a tread belt of 60" x 22" and it can take users of up to 425 pounds in weight. There is no lacking in this machine when it comes to power and capability. You get all that you may ask for.

Customization Options
The machine has all the program capabilities that you will ever require. It comes with 6 in-built programs that suit most of the people's requirement. The machine has space for 4 programs which can be defined by the user himself and there are three programs for the heart conscious. The heart rate monitor works on the basis of reading of a wireless heart rate monitor embedded in a chest strap.

Special Features
The machine has an LCD display which is capable of three colors and also has a message window. Personal cooling fans have also been installed on the machine. The hand grips are equipped with a pulse monitoring system. Down below, the machine has a very stable and low noise phenolic deck. The machine has a double woven 2 ply tread belt that is mounted on 3 inch rollers.These rollers are really good and really hard to find preinstalled. 

Sole TT8 is made of a remarkably solid frame. So much so that the company which makes these treadmills has decided to offer lifetime warranty on the  frame as well as on the deck. The monstrous 3.5 HP motor also comes with a lifetime warranty. Electronic systems along with the tread belt and the rollers of this treadmill; all have half a decade of warranty. Unlike other cases where labor warranty is only one year, the Sole TT8 comes with a 2 year labor warranty. Straight double, which speaks highly of the workmanship of Sole.

At a price of around $2300, you get easily the best treadmill made in this category sold under the Sole brand. The machine truly lives up to the expectations.