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Sole F80 Treadmill- The Best Mid-budget Treadmill On Offer

Many of us do not have the time or the space to do a daily jogging routine. Due to this lack of exercise our health suffers. However, things can definitely change with the new Sole F80 Treadmill. It is a compact, foldable treadmill which can allow you to jog right inside your home and then stash it neatly away once the job is over.

Why Is It Meant For You?

Sole F80 is an extremely compact treadmill with an equally compact price. For not more than $ 1500, you can get a treadmill which scores highly on quality, features and warranty. Experts say that there is no deal better than this in the market.

What is on offer?
The Sole F80 is similar to other Sole models when it comes to compactness and storage. It can be easily folded and stashed away inside a cupboard or under the bed. The horse shoe stabilizing base and the safety lock ensure that the treadmill is in a secured position when in use or otherwise.

However, what makes it better than other Sole models is the fact that for the first time, customers get a Cushion Flex whisper deck. The deck is elastic and yet hard enough to provide firm support to your landing feet. Tests suggest that it can absorb up to 40 per cent of the impact of landing foot.

Sole F80 comes with a 3 HP motor which assist the deck to reach speeds up to 11 mph. It can also reach inclines up to 15 per cent. Both the speed and the incline can be adjusted through controls provided on the arm rest of the machine. This makes adjustments easier even when one is in the middle of a running/jogging session.

The running surface is 20"X50" and can support weight up to 300 lbs. The belt employed is a double woven 2 ply belt which rolls over 2 ¾ inch rollers. The large size of the rollers assists the motor to easily roll the belt. This indirectly means that the motor will have a longer than usual life.

The vibrant electronic console comes with the usual gadgets. The usual displays on the console include Incline, Speed, Distance Traveled, Time, Calories, Pulse and Pace information. Apart from these displays, the console also boasts of a Peak and Valley graph for different programs.

Users get all the standard workout programs that they would ever use. These programs include 2 user defined programs, 6 auto programs, and 2 separate heart rate controlled programs. With the choices on offer, you can opt for a flexible workout routine.

Sole F80- The Final Verdict
Sole F80 is an excellent mid-priced treadmill that you can get in the market. However, it is a new entrant and does not have much of a track record. Despite that, it gets a thumbs-up from most users.