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The Sole F80 Treadmill - The Best Buy

The Sole F80 is one notch above the entry level Sole F63 treadmill. For a price tag of $1499, it gives the users durable quality and excellent performance. In fact, in the bracket of $1000-$2000, this treadmill can be safely called as the best buy.

Sole F80- Specifications

Motor: The motor in Sole F80 is 3.0 HP continuous motor. It churns out speeds up to 11 mph. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Chassis: Just like the chassis of other Sole models, the F80 too boasts of a heavy and extremely sturdy chassis. It is made up of an all-steel welded frame which can withstand user weights up to 335 pounds. The powder coat on the chassis has been baked onto the skin of the frame due to which the finish is good. Lastly, the chassis is foldable so that it can be easily stowed away.

Running Surface: The Sole F80 is equipped with double-woven, extremely tough and durable rubber ply belts. The running surface in Sole F80 measures 55"X20". The shock absorption is strong enough to support to a weight of around 335 pounds.

Rollers: The set of rollers in Sole F80 are better than those in Sole F63. In comparison to the 2.5" rollers in F63, you have 2.75" rollers in the F80. This allows the functioning of the running surface extremely smooth. Bigger rollers provide for more contact area to the running belt which then reduces the amount of friction in the ball bearings. The result is that your treadmill works without any problems for a long time.

Control Panel: The control panel in Sole F80 gives you information about all type of data- speed, distance travelled, pace, calories burned, time, incline, and pulse. Apart from that, the control panel also has six preset programs, two heart rate programs and two customizable programs. They can cater to almost everybody's needs.

Quite interestingly, apart from the hand-rail mounted speed and incline controls the F80 provides you with cooling fans. The best part about the control panel is that there are separate windows for all the data to be displayed. Further, you can also see a Peak and Valley graph and a ΒΌ mile track in one of the displays.

Warranty: This is the most important part of Sole F80. It comes with life-time warranty on the motor and a 30 year warranty on the frame and deck. Added to it is a 5-year warranty on electronic parts and a 2-year warranty on labor. All in all, it is an excellent package.

Conclusion: In the price range of $1000 to $2000, the Sole F80 is an excellent buy and provides you with value for money.