Treadmill Reviews

Sole F63 Treadmill- An Entry level Model from Sole

This model from Sole is their entry level model. It comes with a $999 price tag and is usually shipped free of cost. If the cheap price of this model alarms you then put it to rest as there is no compromise on quality at the cost of price. Just like all other treadmill from Sole, the F63 too is lightweight, portable, durable and easy to maintain.

Its Features:

Motor: The Sole F63 boasts of a 2.5 HP motor which comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is lightweight and yet powerful enough to take you through jogging sessions. The maximum speed which can be attained is 10 mph.

Chassis: The chassis of Sole F63 is heavy and extremely sturdy. The body frame is an all-steel welded frame which is also powder coated. The welding is solid and makes the treadmill almost indestructible. The powder coat is also good quality as it has been baked onto the surface of the chassis. It can be folded and easily stowed away.

Running Surface: The Sole F63 comes with double-woven 2 ply belts. These are made of extremely tough and durable rubber. While the company claims that the running surface in Sole F63 measures 55"X20", in reality you would get a surface which is shorter by 2" or 3". There is one thing which lacks in the F63. The shock absorption of this model is not all that good. However, for a cost of $ 1000 you can make enormous amount of improvement over the hard metalled surface on which you otherwise jog upon.

Rollers: The Sole F63 boasts of some really cool set of rollers which are otherwise available only in expensive models. These are quite big in size, standing at 2.5" wide. This makes the rolling of the running surface much smooth. By reducing the friction in ball bearings, these wide rollers also increase the overall life of the treadmill.

Control Panel: The control panel in Sole F63 accommodates functions and information of all types- speed, distance travelled, pace, calories burned, time, incline, and pulse. Quite interestingly, the speed and incline controls are provided on the side-rails. This means that you do not have to bend over in order to access these functions. Apart from these controls, the Sole F63 boasts of a single LCD display which is vibrant blue in color. Overall, the display gives all the requisite information and is pleasing to look at.

Warranty: This is the most important part of Sole F63. It comes with life-time warranty on the motor. Added to it is a 3-year warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on the labor. While this may be nothing in compared to what you get on other Sole models, this is above average for a below $1000 treadmill.

Conclusion: Overall, the Sole F63 is a good buy and gives you value for money.