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The Smooth EVO SX4 Folding Treadmill- To Buy or Not To Buy

Smooth 4.25 compact folding treadmill has long served its purpose and though it has been quite a good machine, it has almost run its course. This is the reason of the introduction of Smooth EVO SX4 Folding Treadmill. It is in the same price bracket as the model it supersedes and there can be no doubt that this one here is a worthy successor. This is a look at the worthy successor to help you decide if you should buy this machine or not.

Intended Market
Folding treadmills are made with a special market segment in the mind. In the case of Smooth EVO, it is the person who does not want to do more than just hop on the machine and start doing exercise and fold and hide the machine when he is done. If you have a small flat or a room with not so much space, this is the treadmill for you. It is compact in size, it can be folded and above all, it does not cost a bomb.

The Innards of the Machine
You get a 2.0 CHP motor that is enough to generate anywhere between 0.8 to 8 MPH speed. You would not come across many machines that are this powerful and still within this price bracket. Or for that matter, within this size range either. All this comes with five different levels of intensity so that you may easily find the one that suits you best You can start with the lower intensity options and then graduate to the more demanding levels as you build up the capability.

The machine features 7 program modes. Of these seven, six have been predefined by Smooth to suit commonm needs. The seventh program slot is empty and you can program it yourself to suit your requirements. It seems Smooth was having a great day while designing this machine, so they have thrown in a Hand Grip Heart Rate Monitor in the machine as well.

Look and Body of a Beast
Calling the machine a beast is not really appropriate when it comes to the looks of this treadmill. It has a slim design and very sleek lines. Yet it can take users with as much as 250lbs weight. When in folded position, the machine measures 11" x 29" and when open, its dimensions are 29" x 61". This is because of Smooth's unique fold down and stand up design. Total walking area is 16" x 50".

The Verdict
The machine is priced at $799. This makes it an entry level automated treadmill. Smooth seems to have really caught the pulse of market. It has introduced a product that looks good and works best. What more can one ask for!