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Tone up Better with Smooth Agile DMT-X1

The Smooth Agile DMT-X1 promises to be a revolution in the world of fitness training equipment. The days of single elliptical motion trainers may soon be over as the all new Agile trainers provide as many as 12 motions to exercise a larger group of muscles. These Agile trainers work on both the upper body and lower body, and tone more muscles than the regular trainers. The Smooth Agile DMT was unveiled a year ago but the price was steep. So they brought out a younger sibling called Agile DMT-X1 with a price tag of about 2K dollars and it was an instant hit.

Better exercise:
DMT stands for Dynamic Motion Trainer. The dynamic motion gives you a more wholesome exercise as it utilizes several more muscles than the single elliptical motion. A major advantage of this dynamic motion is that you get more exercise in lesser duration, thus saving you lots of time.

By switching to the Agile DMT-X1 you will burn more calories and lose more weight in the same amount of time.

Free of stress and strain:
Moreover, the Agile DMT-X1 puts very little pressure on the joints. It has comfortable foot pedals with shock absorbing cushions to protect ankles, knees and hips. The heel straps have been done away with.

Apart from the 12 distinct types of motion there are 16 levels of intensity to challenge you and engage you in serious exercise. The variety in exercise keeps you and your brain motivated and stimulated enough. Exercise equipment can get boring if it continues to dish out monotonous routines. The Agile DMT-X1 gives you no chance of that. The different motions and intensities have a distinct effect on your muscles and provide new challenges every time.

Customizing workouts:
You can customize your own target heart rate, time, distance or calories programs or go through interval training and endurance training. There is a wireless heart rate monitor built into the Agile DMT-X1.

There are also 9 preset workouts designed by professionals.

The Smooth Agile DMT-X1 has a backlit LCD display and Touch Thumb Control. Levels of motion and intensity can be altered without removing your hands off the grip. There is an infrared sensor to detect thumb motions - that is all you need to do to change the mode of exercise.

The Agile DMT-X1 supports a maximum user weight of 350 lb. The unit is sturdy and weighs 223 lb.

The Smooth line of products always has great warranties and the Agile DMT-X1 is no exception. The frame and the braking system are secured for a lifetime, and wear parts and electronics for 5 years. Labor is free for a whole 2 years.