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Why Buy Smooth 9.35 HR Treadmill?

The Smooth Treadmill series has been one of the most popular picks in treadmills. Yet another addition to the range is the Smooth 9.35 HR Treadmill. Offering you a host of benefits, this machine is a must buy.

3.0 HP Continuous Motor
Powerful yet quiet - this motor ensures that you enjoy a disturbance free workout. It offers a high horsepower output which makes it apt for those looking or serious workouts too. In addition, the motor delivers maintenance free service.

Challenging workout programs
It is quite normal to get bored practicing the workout each day. To ensure that you do not get bored, the Smooth 9.35 Hr Treadmill offers you various challenging workout programs to choose from. These include Manual program, Killer Hills program, Weight Loss program, Self Learning and Heart rate Control Program.

Smooth operation
Many treadmills offer you a jerky experience which could make it difficult for you to walk or run on the machine. While many people think that this is due to a faulty motor, the real cause of the problem lies in an inadequate wheel. To ensure that you enjoy a smooth workout, the Smooth 9.35 HR Treadmill is fitted with flywheel that is precision balanced and perimeter weighted.

Adieu to cumbersome switches
Using the numerous switches on the treadmill can make it difficult for you to workout. The Smooth 9.35 HR Treadmill overcomes this challenge by using a patented 'Motion Control'. All you need to do is wave your hand and you can slow down, increase the speed or even switch off the machine. And, all this happens without you having to touch the machine.

High quality
This treadmill features a high quality deck that has been triple laminated and has a phenolic resin. Such is the quality of the deck that it can easily last you a lifetime. It is all thanks to this high quality deck that you are able to enjoy uninterrupted superior quality performance.

Heart rate control
Featuring a wireless heart rate control, this machine controls the various functions of your treadmill depending on your target heart rate setting. The wireless heart rate control feature comes with a standard built in receiver and a wireless transmitter.

Advanced shock absorption
It is important that your treadmill does not give any kind of shock to your joints. To ensure the same, the Smooth 9.35 HR Treadmill features a 'Hydra Suspension' system. This unique feature allows you to adjust the absorption to 12 different levels. So, no matter how you wish to run on the machine, you can also avoid the shocks.

Opt for the Smooth 9.35 HR Treadmill and you will never regret your decision.