Treadmill Reviews

Smooth 9.25HR Treadmill- Comfort Comes at Price!

This particular treadmill from Smooth is a bit expensive; it costs you $2,299. That is quite expensive for a treadmill. However, the price factor is negated by the sheer comfort of working out that the treadmill provides- a powerful motor, ample amount of leg space and a sturdy platform.


Motor: Since the Smooth 9.25 HR has been designed mostly for hardcore runners, the treadmill is fitted with a 3.0 HP motor. This is a powerful motor which is quite low on maintenance and never gets over-heated. It utilizes a Pulse Width Modulation Circuit Board which reduces the amount of noise. Users can attain speeds up to 12 mph.

Running Platform: The running platform, again, has been designed keeping in mind the needs of hard-core runners. Its dimensions are 20"X62". The running surface is a 2 ply belt strong and sturdy rubber belt. Along with it come 6" straddle pads which are suitable for hardcore runners and interval trainers.

The Im-Pression system of shock absorbing provided in this system is of premium quality. The length of the deck allows equal distribution of weight. Due to this, there is no lateral movement which could otherwise be harmful to ankles, knees and joints.

Frame: The frame of the treadmill is made up entirely of steel. It is made of a single weld; hence, there are no bolts and joints which can come into a harmful contact with your body. It is powder coated and has an excellent finish. The whole treadmill weighs 304 lbs and the frame can support additional weights up to 400 lbs.

Rollers: The rollers are 2.5" wide. In order to decrease tension and friction and to allow tightening of the belt they are provided with rubber sleeves. This features increase the life of the bearings and the treadmill belt while also reducing the time spent on adjusting belt tracking.

Control Panel and Display: The Smooth 9.25HR Treadmill has a large dot matrix control panel and display. The gauges are digital and separated in to two different windows. Together they provide information pertaining to speed, distance, time, calories, type of program, and incline.

The Control Panel has 12 onboard pre-set programs. These can be combines with three user programs to get a unique and personalized work-out regime.

The treadmill is provided with two fans to cool the motors and the electronic equipment. This allows you to use it for extensive sessions without thinking of overheating.

Warranty: The frame of Smooth 9.25 comes with lifetime warranty. The motor comes with a 10 year warranty. The deck and rollers are provided with a 5 year warranty and 3 years on electronics. Lastly, there is one year labor warranty provided with it.


All in all, Smooth 9.25 comes with excellent features but is priced more than other machines of this type. It also is bulky and can not be folded for storage. Hence, it is best only for those who have ample space or run a small gym.