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Smooth 5.45 Treadmill- A Worthy Successor to Smooth 5.25

The Smooth 5.45 is the latest offering from the stable of Smooth fitness equipments. It is a direct successor of the previously successful Smooth 5.25 treadmill. Hence, what Smooth 5.45 offers is the reliability and performance of the older one but in a sleeker and technologically advanced form.

Following are the specifications of Smooth 5.45:

Motor: The motor is the same 2.5 HP Continuous motor which was there in the previous 5.25. It is a maintenance free powerhouse which caters to the needs of both joggers as well as runners. The best part is that it has a Life Time Warranty on both the motor as well as the frame. This is something unheard of in below $ 1000 treadmills.

Belt: Quite unlike the 52 inch belt in Smooth 5.25, Smooth 5.45 has 55 inch belt. The width of the belt is 20 inches, wide enough to support even the widest of users.

Weight: The Smooth 5.45 weighs 210 lbs, making it a solid and stable treadmill for most users. It is almost the same weight of treadmills that are found inside gyms.

Ergonomic Design: Smooth 5.45 is designed using the Swing Arm technology. This means that the entire frame and the running deck are suspended on two pivotal points. The benefit of such an arrangement is that the harmful impact on your knees, ankles, hips and back is greatly reduced. Reduction in chances of injury, then, leads to greater benefits.

Display: The display panel comes equipped with the usual displays in a new, oversized format. The buttons are large in size, are well placed and the display is easy to read as well. The LCD console has also become much improved. You can monitor distance travelled, speed, calories burned, time consumed and pulse through its interactive as well as intuitive LCD display.

Workout Programs:
The available work-out programs in the machine are 6 in number. They are: Interval Speed, Interval Incline, Manual, Weight Loss, 5K Self-Learning/Competition. You can personalize your workout regime and store it in the memory as well. The preset programs can be adjusted even as you are in motion. The same thing is applicable to the incline, speed and pulse or time rate of the treadmill.

A special feature of Smooth 5.45 is the Heart Rate Control program. When this program is selected, the intensity of your workout is automatically adjusted according to your heart rate. The pulse monitor inside the grip takes a reading of your heart-beat and feeds it into the machine, which is then utilized to increase or decrease the intensity of the workout.

There is a lifetime warranty on both motor and frame. Further, there is a 3-year warranty on all parts and a 1 year on-site free of cost service.