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Review of The Epic t60 treadmill

Epic treadmills are from the company called Icon Health and Fitness, Inc. The company is pushing this brand through a number of retailers, including the renowned online retail store called Costco.

The treadmills models from the Epic brand are inexpensive treadmills that are available in the price bracket of $800 to $1000. The brand is touted as commercial grade as the manufacturers claim that the treadmills have commercial grade features.

On close inspection however, none of the commercial grade features are visible. The first thing that is apparent is that the treadmill is made from cheap metal and does not have a solid or durable construction.

First, let us take a look at the plus points. The machine has a variable incline of 11% and a speed that goes up to 12 mph. It is iFit compatible, just like all of the other brands of Icon. The LCD console displays heart rate, calories burnt, speed, distance covered and other information.

The 2.25 hp motor cannot be considered as a commercial grade motor. It may not be able to
sustain rigorous and intensive workouts. Although the tread belt at 55' x 20' is acceptable, the deck will not be able to withstand a prolonged workout. The warranty of just 3 years on the motor, 1 year on the parts and 90 days on labor costs, does not inspire confidence in the product.

Looking at the features it can be easily said that for the price you may be able to purchase a better entry-level treadmill from brands such as like Proform, Precor and Smooth. These brands have machines with a solid construction and a better warranty.

There are however some customers that feel that Epic treadmills offer good value for money.