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Reebok VISTA 8500 Treadmill- A Review

For those of you who are looking for a mid-budget (between $1000 to $2000) treadmill, the Reebok VISTA 8500 is one treadmill that you must check out. However, one clarification needs to come right at the beginning. They are not made or marketed by the Reebok shoe firm.

Motor: The Reebok VISTA 8500 comes with a 2.25 HP motor. The motor is powerful enough to propel users weighing up to 325 lbs to speeds up to 12 mph.

Frame: The frame is an all-metal powder coated frame. The best part is that it can be folded and stored away to make more room in the house. It would be good for houses where floor area is less. Also, the maximum user weight capacity of this machine is 325 lbs.

Incline: The Reebok VISTA 8500 comes with a 12 per cent Power Incline Control. This is good enough to add more resistance in your workout schedule.

Running Deck: The running deck boasts of a 20"X55" ply-belt. The dimensions are thus roomy enough to accommodate people who are of slightly bigger size.

Display Panel: The display panel is the most interesting aspect of this treadmill. Unlike other treadmills which have a LCD or LED panel, the Reebok VISTA 8500 boasts of a 7" flat-screen. It gives the machine a futuristic appearance.

Along with the flat screen display unit, there are also two speakers built into the console of the treadmill. They, along with the cable ready flat screen keep you entertained throughout the length of your workout session.

Programmes and Heart Rate monitor: The Reebok VISTA 8500 features 8 pre-programmed workout trainer programmes and 2 user defined trainer programmes. Also, the Reebok VISTA 8500 comes with a handgrip heart rate monitor.

Price: The list price of Reebok VISTA 8500 is $1599. However, it can be purchased at highly discounted prices via many online fitness equipment stores.

Warranty: The Reebok VISTA 8500 comes with a 12 year warranty on motor. However, there is only 90 days warranty on labor and parts.

So Should You Buy It?
To begin, you should not get fooled by the "Reebok" name. This product is not from the shoe manufacturing and marketing company. You have to assess its merits and demerits before you buy it.

Merits: There are no special merits of this machine. The fare that has been dished out is pretty much the same which is available in other machines.

Demerits: There is an important demerit of this machine. There is only 90 days warranty offered on labor and parts. Hence, the reliability of everything inside the treadmill is under question. Such a low warranty period indicates that the company will not stand behind what it offers.