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Reebok V 6.8 Treadmill- A Review

If you are looking for a decent and affordable treadmill to workout on then Reebok V 6.8 Treadmill is the choice for you. It is not merely a treadmill but a workout machine that offers complete entertainment too. This happens because of the accompanying universal port that allows you to dock your IPod into it.

Motor: The Reebok V 6.8 comes equipped with a 2.0 HP continuous drive motor. This allows you to reach speeds up to 10 mph (16 kph). For those who are serious about their workout the speed offering is quite good.

Running Deck: The running deck measures 20"x 55". This is good enough to accommodate even slightly wider bodies. The best part is that the deck comes equipped with the trademark DMX Zone cushioning system that gives ample support to your different leg joints.

Incline: The running deck is fitted with another trademark feature, the QuickStep Incline which allows you to easily incline the running deck to up to 10 per cent. The resistance added to your workout regime by this is serious.

Chassis: The chassis of the treadmill is an all-metal, powder frame. It can hold user weights up to 300 lbs. It can be folded for space-saving easy storage.

Display Panel: The Reebok V 6.8 boasts of an impressive Solaris console display. You get all the vital information that you need- Distance, Time, Speed, Pulse and Heart rate. The best part is that it also doubles up as an entertainment center. The console comes equipped with a Universal Dock that allows you to dock your IPod with it. Now you can enjoy your favorite playlist along with working out. The sound comes from the 3" speakers that are integrated into the console.

Personalized Training: The Reebok V 6.8 comes equipped with a personalized training. A set of 8 cards designed by fitness trainers are provided with the treadmill. They can be plugged directly into the console and be used to regulate your workout. For novices, this feature is of great help as all they now need to do is to follow the verbal instructions of their machine trainer.

Workout Programs: The Reebok V 6.8 comes with 6 iFit Classic Workouts, 6 iFit Weight Loss Workouts, and 4 Create & Save Workouts. The first two workout programs are pre-programmed into the memory of the machine and allow you to workout according to what trainers recommend. The Create & Save Workout is for those who wish to devise a workout regime according to their preferences.

Price and Warranty: Reebok V 6.8 comes for a price of $ 1199.00. However, check out different internet fitness stores for better deals. As far as warranty is concerned there is a 25 year warranty for the motor.