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ProForm XT 70 Review

If you want a treadmill that offers you the features of a mid range treadmill at the price of a low range one then the ProForm XT70 is a great choice. Here is a sneak peek into some of the highly appreciated features of the machine.

Customized workout
The ProForm XT 70 allows you to chalk a workout that is tailor made to suit your needs. It is equipped with a unique ProShox cushioning system. This cushioning system allows you numerous settings options. You can easily maneuver the settings to set 24 different positions. Choose any of these positions depending upon the intensity of workout that you want.

16 pre set workouts
This treadmill offers you 16 pre set workouts. Each of these workouts have been designed by an expert. They not just help you burn fat but also strengthen your muscles. For those who find it difficult to design their own workout, these pre set workouts are a great choice. They automatically adjust the incline of the treadmill, thereby altering the intensity of your workout.

Surf and exercise
Another innovative feature of the ProForm XT 70 is the iFIT Live technology. This technology establishes a connection between the treadmill and the internet. So, you can download fitness programs, manage your online profile and receive automatic downloads. And, what's more? You could even use it to have races with your online friends.

Controlled speed

Most treadmills allow you to increase the speed gradually. However, this is not the case with the ProForm XT 70. It comes with a 'QuickSpeed' control that allows you to change your speed at the touch of a button. You can easily switch to any speed in the range of 0-8kmph within a second.

Durable deck

It is the deck of the treadmill that decides how effective it is. If the material used in the deck is bad, then your workout is sure to be affected. The deck of this treadmill has a weight capacity of 325 lbs. This weight capacity is enough to support even the strongest of workouts. So, you can continue to exercise as hard as you want to, without worrying about the machine.

Enjoy the groove
A universal iPod dock is yet another feature of this treadmill. You can easily plug in your treadmill and enjoy the workout as you go about exercising on the machine. And, what's more? The machine also has a built-in Intermix Acoustics 2.0 EQ sound system. This allows you to enjoy a wider range of sounds and audio frequencies.


This treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor and the frame. It also offers a 2 year warranty on the parts along with a full 1 year labor warranty.