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Precor M9.33 Treadmill- A Review

The M9.33 treadmill is an entry level machine offered by Precor. Despite its "Entry Level" status, it is quite an impressive treadmill and should figure on the "must check out" list of all treadmill buyers.

Motor: The Precor M9.33 comes with a 2.75 HP continuous-duty motor which runs silently, coolly and efficiently. The wattage rating of the motor is 120 VAC (50/60 Hz) 14A, 1175W. This is sufficient to generate speeds up to 11 mph.

Chassis: The chassis of M9.33 is made of powder coated steel. The total weight of the machine stands at 285 lbs. What makes the body unique is its low profile. The running deck stands very close to the ground. Due to this, it becomes easier to get on and get off the treadmill.

Running Platform: The running platform of M9.33 is equipped with a 57" x 20" belt. The belt is made of phenolic laminate which is linked to a one inch board.  The running belt can be flipped and used again.

Further, the M9.33 comes equipped with a Ground Effects Impact Control System. This system stabilizes lateral movement and cushions impact. The benefit of this is that there is very less wear and tear on your legs, knees, and back.

Also added to the running bed is the Integrated Footplant Technology. This innovative technology alters belt speed to foot speed. The result of this synchronization is that you get a natural gait.

Incline: The M9.33 can take you up to a 15 degree incline. This is more than enough to increase the resistance level of workout.

Display Panel: The display panel sports a relatively clean look. Despite that, it gives almost all the readings that you ever require during your workout regime. The display panel hosts a 9 function display. This include Calories, Speed and Time, Distance, Incline, Calories burned per Minute, Heart Rate, Profile, METS, and SmartRate (this is optional).

A SmartRate monitor would be required if you want to know your heart beat during the course of the workout. The heart-beat sensor would be located in the hand-rail for easy accessibility. However, as said before, this is optional and users would need to insist to get it.

Lastly, the console can also hold your water bottle, your portable music player and other similar things.

Workout Programs: The M9.33 comes with 5 built-in courses. Apart from them, you can also customize workout programs for varied type of workout sessions. Users can safeguard their profiles with a password feature.

Warranty: The M9.33 comes with a 10 year warranty.

Cost: The M9.33 costs no less than $3500. However, discounted prices can be found on some online fitness stores.

All in all, the M9.33 is a good buy. However, do checkout offerings from other treadmill brands in the market.