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A Review of the Precor M9.31 Treadmill

Precor is not a new name in the market of health and fitness products. When the company announced the M9.31 treadmill, it created quite a few ripples in the fitness products market. The Precor M9.31 is an entry level treadmill and it comes loaded with all the features that you may expect to get in this price bracket. Here is a look at the performance of the machine and a reality check as to how much the machine lives up to the hype.

Power and Performance
Precor M9.31 treadmill is equipped with a 2.75 HP motor. This being an entry level device, you get a continuous duty motor instead of the much more capable heavy duty motor. Yet if you are looking in this bracket, you do not need the raw power of a heavy duty motor anyway. Coming to the performance,  this is a decently capable machine. It has speed range of 0.5 to 11 mph. The machine can be inclined at anywhere between 0 to 15%.

This treadmill has most of the features you would ever need. First thing is the rather low profile of the machine to ensure low ride height and easy access. The machine also has quick start features that allow you to simply flick the switch, hop on to the machine and get exercising.

The treadmill has 5 courses which come hard coded from the factory. These programs are enough for the re-quirements of most of the home users.  In addition to this Precor has also included Integrated Footplant Tech-nology and Ground Effects Impact Control System to ensure the best results, even from the shortest of your treadmill sessions. At the same time, they are effective measures for accident prevention.

The treadmill is equipped with a 9 Function Display which keeps you well informed about the various parameters of the session. A rather odd feature is that you can apply password to user profiles. This boggles the mind! Hey Precor, why on earth would anyone want to apply password to a treadmill user profile, especially in a personal use model?

Quirks apart, you would really like the Reversible Deck feature. It allows you to turn the deck and use the other side as well. No need to buy two decks when you can have double life from one. The frame of this machine has special powder coating which keeps it looking new and shiny for long years. An accessory holder is built on the frame where you can put things like a book, magazine or your iPod.

All in all, Precor M9.31 Treadmill is an average machine equipped with average features made by an average company and available in market at an average price.