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NoridcTrac T5 Zi Treadmill Review

Talk treadmills and you have several options to choose from. But, there are some that score high on popularity. The NoridcTrac T5 Zi Treadmill is one of them. The machine has been consistently scoring higher on the popularity charts. Here is why.

No skidding
How many times have you skid off a treadmill just because the belt was narrow? Perhaps, quite a few! But, this will not happen when you are using the NoridcTrac T5 Zi Treadmill. The machine features a 20" x 55" treadbelt, which ensures that you never skid off during your workout session.

Powerful motor
The treadmill makes use of an 2.8 HP DurX motor. This powerful motor gives you the chance to enjoy the most power packed workout.

Comfortable workout
NoridcTrac T5 Zi Treadmill makes use of a unique 'Flexresponse' cushioning system. This system offers you firm support at the foot strike and take off portion. Also, it offers you a softer support zone throughout the rest. It is all thanks to this feature that you get to enjoy a shock free workout.

Choose your workout program
This treadmill offers you 8 quick calorie burn workouts. These customized workouts help you adjust the incline and speed of the treadmill automatically. Each of these workout options helps you focus on a particular calorie goal. To add on, the treadmill also offers 8 Quick Timed Workouts. These workouts offer you timed workouts of 15 and 60 minutes. So, you can easily choose one that meet your preference.

Have your own personal trainer
NoridcTrac T5 Zi treadmill makes use of a unique iFIT workout Card Technology. This card has been designed by a certified personal trainer. As you plug the card into the treadmill, the voice of the personal trainer directs you through the workout.

Amazing features
While the NoridcTrac T5 Zi treadmill offers you an effective workout, it offers you user friendly experience too. It comes with an extremely user friendly console that ensures a great workout. The console features a Multi Window LED display. This display shows all the information that you would want to know pertaining to your workout. These include incline, pulse, calories, speed, distance, and time. To add on, the console also features an inbuilt sound system. You can easily plug in your ipod to this sound system and enjoy the music as you exercise.

Guaranteed service
This treadmill offers you a lifetime guarantee on the frame. So, if at all you have a problem with the machine, you have the guarantee offer to count on. The treadmill also comes with a 25 year guarantee on the motor and 1 year for the parts and labor.

With all this,  the machine is a great buy for sure.