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The NordicTrack Elite XT Treadmill Is Just As Seen on TV

Of the various treadmill brands that are available in the United States, not a lot many can stand up to the capability and the reputation of NordicTrack. This is easily one of the best options for people who want treadmills with true value for money. The NordicTrack Elite XT treadmill is among some of the best products ever made by the company. It is priced in the mid range but comes with feature set that would make even top of the line consumer grade models go green with jealousy.

A Powerhouse
The treadmill comes with a 3.5 Commercial Pro CHP motor, which is both very capable and very quite. In fact this motor is raw power, much more than anything a home user would ever ask for or need. The machine has a speed range of 0-12 mph which can be governed by a one touch system. Additionally the machine has an incline of 0 - 12% which can be controlled by another independent 1 touch system.

The machine is equipped with a roomy, 20" x 60" treadbelt that is mounted on a special system to ensure quiet operation. The treadmill comes with Durastride Adjustable cushioning which makes the operation soft and smooth. This is a folding product and is equipped with AirLight EasyDrop Shock system Additionally the folding mechanism is based on the SpaceSaver design of the company.  The machine can take users weighing up to 350 lbs.

NordicTrack machines have always been the ones with plenty of programming and workout customization options. The Elite XT comes with 20 personal trainer programs. For people considering heart in exercises, there are two special Heart Rate Workouts. If you want to have your own plan, there are 4 options for Create and Save. Elite XT is also compatible with the iFit Workout Card Technology.

This is not something which would usually deserve its own section in a treadmill review but the features of Elite have made this exception possible. It has almost all the entertainment features that can be crammed into a treadmill. You get a 7" flat screen TV with a digital tuner so no converter box is needed. The treadmill is fitted with an iPod dock. NordicTrack has gone so far as to include Intermix Acoustics 3.0 EQ Sound System, right on the treadmill.

Pricing and Warranty
NordicTrack Elite XT has only one weakness - its labor and part warranty. You get a measly one year. To make up for it, the motor comes with a lifetime warranty. Price of the NordicTrack Elite XT treadmill is listed at $2999 yet you can find it for as low as $1699. If you have that kind of money to spend on a treadmill, run to get it.