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Livestrong LS7.9T Treadmill Review

The Livestrong LS7.9T is the latest addition to the Livestrong's 2010 range. This machine offers all that you could ask for in a treadmill.


* Motor: 2.5 CHP
* Incline: 0 - 12 deg.
* Speed: 0 - 12 MPH
* Belt size: 20" x 55"
* User weight: 325 lbs

Why buy the Livestrong LS7.9T Treadmill?
The Livestrong LS7.9T Treadmill gives you more than just one reason to opt for it. Its numerous features and advantages make it a perfect buy for every health enthusiast.

Power you need
With a 2.5 CHP motor backing this machine, you have all the power you need for an intense workout. This motor gives the machine enough power to offer a long workout without heating up.

Extremely durable
Durability is not an issue with the Livestrong LS7.9T Treadmill. Even if you are extremely overweight, this machine can offer you the sturdiness you need. With a 325 lb capacity deck, this machine can offer the toughest of workouts.

Wide tread belt
If your treadmill has a narrow belt, you would know how important a wide belt is. The Livestrong LS7.9T Treadmill has a spacious 20" x 55" tread belt which ensures that you do not fall as you run on the machine.

Saves space
With this treadmill, you do not have to worry about space constraints. It can be easily folded and offers easy storage. When folded, the machine can easily be kept in an upright position.

9 programs
This treadmill offers a total of 9 programs. In each of these programs, the speed and incline is adjusted automatically to offer you a unique workout. The 9 programs offered by the machine include weight loss programs, power walk programs, run programs and incline programs.

User friendly features
This machine comes with a Live Track fitness journal. This feature allows you to keep track of your workout and the progress you have made. Also, the machine features special speakers that can be easily attached to your iPod or any other MP3 player. So, you will not have to get bored as you exercise. It also has a built in contact grip heart rate monitor. This feature monitors your heart rate as you exercise.

Lifetime guarantee
This treadmill comes with a lifetime guarantee on the motor and the frame. So, you do not have to worry about the machine wearing out. To add on, there is also a 2 year warranty on all the parts along with 1 year in-home service.

With all these features, you have almost every possible reason to use the Livestrong LS7.9T Treadmill. So, if you are considering buying a treadmill, make sure that you consider this one.