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Landice L970 Club Executive Trainer Treadmill - Truly Feature Packed

'Locked Loaded and Ready to Go' - This is the expression that can best describe the Landice L970 Club Executive Trainer Treadmill. The machine has good looks, great build quality and top of the line features. The 35 years of experience that Landice has in making treadmills is truly reflected in this device. Believe it or not, you get a lot for what you pay for this machine, and you pay a lot as well. Have a look to find out for yourself.

Power and Capability
Landice L970 Club Executive Trainer Treadmill is equipped with an extremely powerful 3 HP motor. It can get up to speeds of 12 mph. This allows you to have some serious workout sessions. This machine has the capacity to take a user of up to 500 pounds. There is plenty of room for most runners on its 22" X  63" running area. The tread belt of this machine is mounted on a 3.5" pulley and it can be inclined up to 12%.

Build Quality and Looks
Only one word truly describes the build quality and looks of this machine, "Uncompromised". The machine has a great design and it is built using the best parts and materials available in the market to date. The machines are so dependable that most of the fitness clubs are seeking to use this product for their operations. You can get the machine in either Titanium finish or in a Matte Black. The former is recommended because of the novelty of Titanium finish.

User Interface and Customization
This Landice product comes with a 5 built in programs and has the capacity to store personal data and statistics of up to 5 members of the family. There are controls to quickly change the speed and other options. You can even perform a fitness analysis based on the data of last 28 days. The treadmill comes with two displays - a VSI display and a computer animated video display that makes use of state of the art graphics.

Warranty Matters
Landice L970 Club Executive Trainer Treadmill is a top of the line product and this is reflected in the fact that the machine comes with lifetime warranty on Frame, its parts and and wear and tear. The labor warranty is only for one year. Please note that only Landice dealers can install the treadmill and this is done within a 60 mile radius of the retail store. So you should first check out the dealers in your area.

The machine is available for approximately $5000. To put it in a nutshell, barring the 60 mile radius thing, there is absolutely no quirk with this Landice product. Landice has been known for making rock sold goods and this treadmill is no exception either.