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The Image 19.0R Treadmill Is The Best Choice As The First Treadmill

Many a lesser known names are present in the treadmill market. Some of these are lesser known because they make really lousy products but some are lesser known because they do not spend big money on advertising themselves. The Image 19.0R Treadmill is a typical example of the latter. The machine is locked, loaded and ready to go yet not a lot many people know about it.

On the inside
The Image is powered by a 2.80 THP motor. A THP motor is a very unique, innovative and extremely powerful motor. Not many machines have featured the THP motor and it is a pleasant surprise to see one here. This treadmill can operate in speed range of 0mph to 10mph. This speed would be enough for everyone in the family.

Build and Frame
The next thing you would notice about this treadmill is that it has been simplistically designed. At the same time, it comes with a structure that has the incline range of 0 to 10 %. It makes for a different kind of running expe-rience with different speed and incline combinations. In addition, the running deck has been cushioned which is a normal feature in treadmills of this range. The machine has a 19'' x 55'' running surface which makes it comfortable for all, even the very largest of users. The frame can take a user of up to 300 lbs weight.

Programs and Sensors
Image 19 is equipped with a set of customization options. You get 8 built-in workout programs which cater to different exercise requirements. Then there are the grip pulse sensors which keep track of blood circulation. One more feature of this machine is the step counter which allows you to keep track of the number of steps you have taken. The treadmill also has a progress meter to track the various aspects of your exercise regimen.

Keeping you cool
It seems Image 19 was left with some space on the inside so the industrial designers at Icon Fitness designed a cooling fan in the machine. It is fitted at the control panel itself, just like any other treadmill and can be adjusted to focus its airflow on where you like it.

This is an area which is a definite dampener. There have been isolated reports that Image treadmills have needed repairs on small parts for their entire lifetime. Yet the machine comes with a mere 90 days of warranty on parts and labor. A measly 3 months - what are they thinking! The fact that motor warranty runs up to 10 years does not quite make up for this.

The Image 19.0R treadmill is listed at the price of $799. If you can shop, you can get the machine for as low as $550. War-ranty issues notwithstanding, this a good product for first time treadmill buyers.