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Horizon T901 Treadmill- A Review

The Horizon T901 treadmill is a good option for those looking for a treadmill in the below $1000 price range. Despite the fact that the T901 has a smaller treadmill belt than the Horizon T1201, the features available in T901 are somewhat the same as those available in T1201. Hence, it is an option worth checking out.

Features at a glance
Running Surface: The Horizon T90 is equipped with a 20" X 55" running surface. It might hamper the movement of people who are larger in size but would be a perfect running platform for people who take short strides.

Chassis: The T901 comes with a sturdy chassis which can be easily folded for storage purposes. The chassis can support user weight up to 325 lbs.

Motor: The T901 is equipped with a 2.25 HP continuous-duty motor. This motor is powerful enough to propel you to speeds of up to 12 mph. This is good enough for runners.

Display Console: The display panel has a sophisticated and advanced display panel. The panel comes with 2 LED display panels which give you all the information which you need. There is another information panel provided to let you know your workout info as you spend time on it.

A unique feature in the T901 is a docking port for your iPod. This is complimented by two built-in speakers that are integrated in to the console. With its help, you can enjoy your favorite music as you jog.

Heart Rate Monitor: The T901 is equipped with a heart rate monitor. This allows you to check your heart rate during your workout. For convenience, the monitor is located in the grip of the T901's handrail.

Incline: The T901 treadmill can provide you with up to 12 degree incline.

Workout Programs: The T901 is equipped with 7 work-out programs. With their help you can easily break the monotony of repetitive workout schedules. The programs include 3 preset programs for Cardio Training, Event Training and Weight Loss and 4 customizable workout sessions to let you develop your own workout schedule.

Color: The T901 comes in a variety of color. You can choose any from the colors offered by the company.

Warranty: The T901's motor as well as the frame comes with a life-time warranty.

Cost: This entry level treadmill costs around $999. This makes it a relatively good buy. However, those who take their workout more seriously can check out different stores for additional discount on the price tag.

Overall, the T901 seems to be a good value-for-money buy. However, those who are interested in some serious workout should go ahead and check out the Horizon T1201.