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A Complete Review on Horizon Fitness T64HR Treadmill

One look at the Horizon Fitness T64HR Treadmill and you will say, "Wow! This thing looks good." Truly the machine has the best looks that you may seek. But, can all the look based pretense live up to the power and capability of the machine? Read on to find out for yourself.

Power and Capability
Horizon has been known to make models with very differing specifications and this one comes as no exception. The machines come with 2.5 HP continuous duty motor. Agreed that this is not a heavy duty motor but is nearly as good. The machine can take a user weighing up to 350 pounds on its measly 50" X 18" tread belt. It can run up to speeds of 12 mph with as much as 10 % of incline. The belt is mounted on 2.4" rollers.

Features and Functionality
This is a commercial grade product so you get all the usual bells and whistles. The machine has 8 different program modes. There is an in-built heart rate control workout along with wireless heart rate monitoring system. You can adjust the speed and incline of the machine right from its handle bars. There is a fan built in the machine as well to make sure that you can run for miles without breaking a sweat. These is also a 2.4" X 3.1" LCD backlit display which is crappy. The display resolution is horrible and you get readouts for only some parameters like time and distance and heart rate.

Looks and Build Quality
The machine has good looks and great build quality. It has a steel frame which is virtually indestructible. No wonder the frame comes with a lifetime warranty. The running area is designed to be vibration free. Plus there are special features built in the device to extend the motor life. It has a black finish with ergonomically designed handles that make the machine easy to use. The folding mechanism of Horizon Fitness T64 HR is hydraulically assisted.

Horizon Fitness T64 HR has more or less a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. What is good is good
enough but what is bad could not have been worse. Compare the virtually indestructible build quality with a really puny tread belt. Then there are a lot of features but a horrible display that requires you to squint and peep every time you look at it. Again that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing! Thankfully the positives of the treadmill outweigh its negatives.

All in all, this machine will be able to break out of the 'Me Too" image of Horizon but it is still behind the forerunners in its category.