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Get a Cybex Trotter 900T Treadmill Professionally Remanufactured

The Cybex Trotter 900T is right up among the top few commercial treadmills that are also purchased for home use. It provides unsurpassed flexibility while training at home and gives an experience only felt at the gym.

Production of new 900T treadmill has long been discontinued as other models have taken over, but they are still available as remanufactured versions. When they were in production they were priced at around $7,000 but now the remanufactured treadmills are available for as little as $700. If you can lay your hands on a good remanufactured 900T you are in for a fantastic deal.

The Cybex Trotter 900T is an extremely robust treadmill that can be used for both home and gym. It has several high quality features that are very easy to use.

The treadmill boasts of large 3 inch rollers that keep wear and tear of the belt mechanism to a minimum and extending its life to more than 200,000 miles even with rough use. The motor is a strong 3.0 HP Continuous Duty that endures intense use for years together. Coupled with the assured shock absorption system, the treadmill makes for a smooth and highly stable experience.

The deck is highly durable and can be overturned and rotated for increased life and easy waxing. The deck has protection at the edges to ward off dirt in order to minimize maintenance. It also provides some sort of safety to the user while exercising.

The running zone is an extra long 20" x 65", the longest you can get for home use. However tall you may be, you can be assured of ample space to do whatever you want to do on the treadmill.

Speeds up to 12.4 mph and inclines up to an incredible 20 degrees can be achieved on the Trotter 900T treadmill, giving you any amount of intensity you wish to reach in your workouts. The deck can handle a massive user weight of 350 lbs.

Training programs are ample and state-of-the-art, and include heart rate monitoring. Each program is motivating and users can make the most out of their workouts with the Trotter 900T. Programs include cardio, weight loss, speed/distance, interval training, hill interval, fitness test and also a manual mode. There are 9 levels in each workout.

The Cybex Trotter 900T treadmill has always been highly rated by experts for performance. But the downside is that it requires 220V for operation, which means for home use you will need some electrical arrangements done.


Cost: $ 699
Motor: 3.0 HP Continuous Duty
Speed: 0.5 - 12.4 mph
Incline: 0.5 - 20 %
Treadbelt: 20" x 65"
Max user weight: 350 lb